Nashville Appliance Repair

Nashville Appliance Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

Kitchen and laundry appliances are essential to the operation of the modern American home. When you encounter the need for a repair within your appliance’s expected lifespan, we hope you’ll consider our appliance repair company, (offering Local Technicians and National Warranty), to get your appliances up and running as quickly as possible and with the level of respect that you and your home deserve.


How fast can you have someone out?

We reserve a special line just to handle emergencies (See: Rapid Response Service), however next day is the normal response time.


How much might the repairs cost? Can I have an estimate before someone comes out?

It is impossible to know exactly which repair we need to quote you on before we have a chance to diagnose the machine. (For instance if you call your doctor and ask how much to fix my knee that hurts on the right side and squeaks when I walk would he know exactly what your treatment needs are?) Any one who claims to know what is wrong prior to inspection is fooling you and you should not believe it. Our reputation is on the line with every service call. We take our service calls very seriously and we are committed to fixing your appliance correctly and professionally the first time, WE GUARANTEE IT!


Where are you located? Are you local?

We are a Nationwide company with a Local representatives right in your area. We preform thousands of repairs across the United States each year. We offer the benefit of a local workforce with the support of a powerful National Network.


Will I hear from somebody to confirm my appointment?

We Guarantee Our Service Times and we are so confident we will arrive in the quoted time slot we will waive our total service call fee (with repair) if we did not arrive within the allotted time. We will be in contact with you to give you advanced notice of our arrival time.


Can I expect a professional to come into my home?

All our technicians are fully trained and insured and have passed a comprehensive background check.


Do you have an extended warranty?

We offer a Full One Year Warranty on parts and labor from the date of installation. Additional service call fee applies after 30 days.


Can you install parts I bought?

Yes but we cannot offer our One Year Parts and Labor Guarantee on parts you supply.


Do you offer After hours appointments?

Our technicians are on the road from 8AM to 8PM M-F and 8AM to 5PM Saturdays. And if we know of the emergency early enough in the day it is possible to extend our work day.


How is your labor priced?

We price our work on a National Pricing Guide. This insures there are no surprises and protects you from paying too much.


What is your service charge?

All of our prices are Transparent and are Clearly Posted. Service charges are a one time fee and there are no further charges unless you choose to have to go forward with your quoted repair.


What are your forms of payment?

We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

Have an Emergency?

We can help!

Your call will be answered with a higher priority and we will make adjustments to our existing schedule if possible.